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Waveney garden waste collections

The Waveney Garden Waste Scheme is a subscription service introduced in 2016.  The annual fee is currently £43 for 12 months collections for one bin. Collections are made every two weeks, including most bank holidays, except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Signing up for the scheme is simple and you can sign-up for as many green bins as you like at £43 each a year.

How do I join or renew?

You can join at any time during the year:

  • Using our online form (you will need to log into, or register for, a My East Suffolk account for this service) 
  • Or by calling our Customer Services team on 01502 562111

You will need a credit or debit card for these services.

You can also pay in person at the Marina Centre in Lowestoft, and at the Beccles Library (Monday to Friday only).

Your membership of the scheme will start at the end of the 14 day cooling off period and will run for a full twelve months.  Your first collection will be on the next scheduled green bin collection day after the start of your membership. 

The subscription fee is non-refundable after the statutory 14 day cooling off period.
Full Waveney Garden Waste terms and conditions (revised Dec 2018)

Please allow 14 calendar days for us to process your order and to get your new bin or personalised sticker to you.

I want to join but there is no green bin at my home

When you join you can order a green bin for your home.  There is a £10 delivery charge for each bin we deliver. 

What happens if I don’t want to subscribe?

The refuse crews only empty green bins displaying a valid bin sticker.

Please tell us If you no longer want your green bin and we will arrange for it to be collected. 

What will happen after I’ve paid?

We will send you a sticker for your bin to show our collection crews that you are a member of the scheme.  Please follow the instructions on the letter for where and how to display the sticker. 

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

  • Grass, leaves and weeds
  • Flowers and plants
  • Hedge clippings
  • Branches (not more than 6cm thick)
  • Prunings and twigs
  • Windfall fruit
  • Hay/straw (bedding from non-meat eating animals only, such as rabbits
  • Vegetable waste from the garden (not kitchen waste)

Please ensure that bin lids are fully closed as we will not collect bins with open lids which are overflowing because they can compromise the safety of our collection crews when lifted. If our crews cannot move the bin safely, they will not collect it. We do not accept waste placed at the side or on top of bin and we will not collect your garden waste if it is contaminated with non-garden waste.

Don't forget that you can also take your garden waste to the County Council's Household Waste Recycling Centres for recycling, free of charge.

What can I NOT put in my garden waste bin?

  • Food or kitchen waste
  • Soil
  • Cat or dog faeces
  • Vacuum dust or fire cinders
  • Oil, stones or rubble
  • Wood that has been treated or painted
  • Plastic flower pots, trays or bags
  • Invasive weeds such as Common Ragwort or Japanese Knotweed
  • Shredded paper

What happens if my bin is lost or stolen?

Please check with your neighbours and in the local area first to see if the bin has been returned to the wrong place by mistake.

If your bin cannot be found you should report it as missing. You will be offered a replacement  but there will be a charge to cover administration and delivery of £14.

What happens if my bin is damaged or lost by the collection crew?

We will replace your bin free of charge if it is damaged or lost by the collection crew. Some damage can be repaired free of charge such as missing wheels, broken or missing lid. Please contact Waveney Customer Services.

I don’t want to join the scheme, can I buy composting bins instead?

Yes. If you have the garden space for a compost bin it is an excellent way of recycling your garden waste and provides useful compost for your garden. You can buy composting bins from the Suffolk Recycling Partnership or at most garden centres.

What happens if I move house?

Please tell us if you move house and make sure to leave your green bin behind at the property for the next resident to use.

If you are moving to an address within the Waveney area, let us know if there is no green bin at your new address and we will deliver a bin to you free of charge.  If there is a bin at the new address but it has no sticker, we can send you a replacement sticker.

If you are moving to an address outside the Waveney area, we are sorry but we do not give refunds of the subscription fee.