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Suffolk Coastal refuse collection

Use our bin collection day finder to find your regular collection day and which collection calendar round you are on.

Suffolk Coastal operates a wheeled bin recycling and refuse collection service, giving residents alternate fortnightly collections of recyclable materials and household refuse that cannot be recycled.

Households have two wheeled bins in addition to their brown bin for garden and food waste. The blue lidded bin is for recyclable materials, and the grey lidded bin is for household refuse that cannot currently be recycled.

When to put out your bins

Your blue lidded and brown bins should be put out for emptying on your collection day in each recycling week shown on the bin collection round calendar. The grey lidded bin should be put out on your collection day during each non-recycling week shown on the calendar.

Your bins should be out ready for emptying at 6am as collections start early. Please note that the time of collection may change at any time, so to avoid missing the collection, always put your bin out by 6am.

All bin collections are worked as normal on bank holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Your grey lidded bin is emptied fortnightly during the weeks highlighted on the bin collection round calendar, and your blue lidded and brown bins the following week.

Only waste contained within the correct wheeled bin will be collected

Excess waste (side waste) that you cannot fit into your bin must be taken to a household waste recycling centre. Alternatively you can obtain an additional bin for an annual fee.

Recyclable materials can also be taken to a local recycling facility or to a household waste recycling centre for disposal.

Safe disposal of ash and dust

For the safety of your collection crew and to help keep your neighbourhood clean, please do not place loose ash, cinders or any other dusty materials in your wheeled bin - this includes ash from barbeques.

Loose dust or ash will blow about when the bin is emptied, causing injury to eyes, and is unpleasant to breathe. It will also leave a mess behind.

All ash, cinders or any other dusty materials must be bagged and the bag sealed, then placed in the grey lidded bin. It must not be placed in the blue lidded bin.

I wasn't given a bin or my bin has been stolen or damaged

Suffolk Coastal Norse can arrange for a replacement bin to be delivered or collected. If your wheeled bin has been missing for more than 2 days and is presumed stolen, please ring the Police on 101 and obtain a crime reference number. On receipt of this number Norse will arrange a replacement bin at no extra charge.

If your wheeled bin becomes damaged beyond repair, you will have to pay the cost of a replacement bin. If the damage is caused when the bin is being emptied by Suffolk Coastal Norse, they will replace or repair the bin at no cost to you.

The cost of providing wheeled bins for refuse, recycling and compostable waste for new properties, should be met by the developer.

The cost of supplying a blue lidded or all grey bin is £24.50 per bin inclusive of VAT plus delivery and the cost to supply a brown bin is £22.00 per bin inclusive of VAT plus delivery.

Delivery per load of bins to a developer for multiple developments, or per set of 3 bins if a single property development is £63.00 inclusive of VAT.

What happens to my refuse?

Refuse and waste that cannot be recycled or composted is taken to the ‘Energy from Waste’ plant in Great Blakenham, which generates electricity to be fed into the National Grid.