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Waveney refuse collection

Waveney District Council aim to collect your domestic refuse efficiently and reliably. We will collect your refuse on the same day every week, except where special arrangements are necessary for bank holidays.

We collect your refuse from the highway boundary of your property. We provide you with a wheeled bin which you should leave for emptying at the nearest accessible point to the highway, on collection days.

Where access to your property is difficult you may have to leave your bin outside your property on collection day at a collection point that we will help to designate. The same will apply if your property is not adjacent to the highway, perhaps off a private road.

You should not leave your bins on the street for longer than necessary before or after emptying.

If you need any advice on where to leave your wheeled bin or any general enquiries about refuse collection please contact us.

Problems moving your bin?

If you are elderly or have a disability and find it difficult to move your bin, we may be able to arrange help, with our assisted collections service.