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When will my bin be collected in Waveney?

Use our bin collection day finder to find your regular collection day and which collection calendar round you are on.

What colour bin is being collected this week?

Waveney District Council operates a 'three bin scheme' and 'alternate weekly collections'. Waste is collected on a two-week rotational basis. One week we collect the rubbish for landfill in the black wheelie bin and the next we collect the material for recycling in the blue and green bins. You just need to know what round/calendar you are on.

Once you know which round you are on you can use the bin collection calendar to find out your collection details.

What time will you collect my bin?

You may think that your collection happens at the same time each week, but please don't rely on this as it may cause you to miss your collection. Bins must be out by 6.00am on your collection day. Please return your bin to your property as soon as possible after it has been emptied.

What about Bank Holidays?

We DO collect on the following Bank Holiday days:

  • Good Friday Bank Holiday
  • Easter Bank Holiday Monday
  • Early May Bank Holiday Monday
  • Spring Bank Holiday Monday
  • August Bank Holiday Monday

However, we do not collect on bank holidays over the Christmas/New Year period.