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Council meetings and decisions

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Council decisions are taken at meetings of the Cabinet, Full Council and various committees, which are nearly all open to the public. Occasionally, parts or all of these meetings may have to be held in private because the information is confidential so please check before you attend by emailing our Democratic Services team. However, all the decisions taken by councillors at all their meetings are available to the public, and can be seen in the minutes of the meetings and decision notices.

The calendar of meetings will tell you the dates of forthcoming meetings should you wish to attend any meetings in person. Most Suffolk Coastal meetings are held in the Conference Room at our offices at Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton and most Waveney meetings are held in the Conference Room at our Lowestoft offices at Riverside, 4 Canning Road.

Meeting agendas and the information reports presented to councillors to help them make their decisions are available online five clear days before the meeting so everyone can see what is being discussed. Minutes of meetings are added as soon as they are available.

Forward Plan

The Forward Plan shows both key decisions and other decisions/matters that the Cabinet, individual Cabinet Members, or officers under delegated authority, are intending to take over the coming months.

This Plan is updated on a monthly rolling basis and provides at least 28 clear days notice of the consideration of any key decisions and of the taking of any decisions/matters in private.

Key decisions are decisions which involve expenditure or savings of £50,000 or more for Suffolk Coastal and £100,000 or more for Waveney, and decisions which have a significant effect on communities in two or more wards which change or propose changes to the way local services are used or provided. The Forward Plan shows:

  • when the decisions will be taken
  • who will make the decision
  • to whom representations can be made and how
  • what arrangements are proposed to consult the public and other organisations about the decisions
  • who you can contact about the decision 

Key Decision Reports

Key decisions have to be supported by written reports. Reports for decisions to be taken by the Cabinet are published with the agendas for Cabinet meetings.

Reports for decisions to be taken by individual Cabinet Members or Council officers are published before the decision is taken.

These reports have to be available to the public for five clear working days prior to the decision being taken. After this period the decision can be taken. The decision is then included in a decision notice and published for five clear working days prior to implementation to allow time for it to be 'called in'.

'Calling in' a decision 

Key decisions taken by the Cabinet, individual Cabinet Members, and Council Officers may be 'called in' for reconsideration within five working days from the date they appear on a decision notice.

Once the request for a call-in has been received a meeting of the Scrutiny Committee is called to discuss it. The decision is then either referred to the Full Council or back to the decision making body or individual for reconsideration. Full details of the call-in procedures for each Council can be found in their Council's Constitution.