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Councillors' allowances

We are required by law to make a Scheme of Allowances for councillors and to decide the amounts to be paid to them under the scheme.

The allowances take account of the responsibilities of each councillor, with each one responsible for representing their electorate. Additional allowances are paid to those who have additional responsibilities.

The councils are also required to establish and maintain an Independent Remuneration Panel which will advise on their schemes.

The councils must have regard to the panel’s advice when taking decisions in relation to the nature and level of allowances payable to councillors. Follow the links below to view the current allowances schemes which give details of the basic and special responsibility allowances, as well as allowances for travel and subsistence.

Allowances Scheme

Suffolk Coastal District CouncilWaveney District Council
Councillor allowance scheme Councillor allowance scheme (See part 6 of the Waveney Constitution)

Allowances Paid

Suffolk Coastal District CouncilWaveney District Council
Allowances paid Allowances paid