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East Suffolk Shadow Authority

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East Suffolk Shadow Authority decision notices

Orders have been signed into law which will abolish the districts of Suffolk Coastal and Waveney and create one, new district-level council for East Suffolk. The new council will be created on 1 April 2019, ahead of elections to the new council on 2 May 2019.

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney district councils will remain as separate, sovereign bodies until 31 March 2019. Meanwhile all Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Council members have joined under Shadow Authority arrangements.

The Shadow Authority for East Suffolk is responsible for ensuring that all necessary measures are in place to allow for the functions and powers to transfer to the new council, in particular:

  • Adopting policy and strategy
  • Setting budget and precept to operate from 1 April 2019
  • Producing a constitution and governance model
  • Appointing statutory officers and making provisions for the transfer of staff, assets and liabilities to the new Council
  • Commissioning an Independent Remuneration Panel to produce a scheme of members’ allowances

The Shadow Authority have appointed a Leader and Shadow Executive and also established a Central Implementation Team of officers to oversee the implementation of the new council. The roles of Chairman/Vice Chairman and Leader/Deputy Leader will rotate on a three monthly basis to reflect the long-standing partnership arrangements enjoyed by the two existing authorities over the last ten years.

It should be noted that the parliamentary process to create the new council continues as there will be orders laid in parliament during the Summer to enable:

  • Transfer of functions
  • Transfer of properties, rights and liabilities
  • Continuity for references in enactments
  • Continuity in relation to plans, schemes, statements and strategies
  • Accounts of predecessor councils and other financial matters