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East Suffolk Strategic Plan

The East Suffolk Council Strategic Plan (2020-2024) provides the framework to deliver a huge range of vital services for our local communities.

CompassOur ambition is to deliver the best possible quality of life for everyone who lives in, works in and visits East Suffolk. This plan will be the council’s ‘compass’, guiding all its decision making, with five key themes showing the direction we will take:

  • Growing Our Economy
  • Enabling Our Communities
  • Remaining Financially Sustainable
  • Delivering Digital Transformation
  • Caring For Our Environment

East Suffolk Council is entirely accountable to its communities and this plan provides the measure for our ambitions to deliver outstanding services to those who need them most of all. The development of this plan has been a collective achievement, utilising the knowledge and experience of councillors and officers throughout the organisation. Deliberately, the plan does not list the specific ‘nuts and bolts’ of each and every service we deliver. Instead it is the presentation of our five high-level ambitions in a clear, concise and simple to understand format. It will the template for everything we do and seek to be.