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Shared services partnership

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With increasing pressures on local government to make efficiency savings while still delivering high quality services, it is necessary to look at more innovative ways of working. One of the more innovative developments for councils to consider is working in partnership, either with other local councils, other public agencies or the private sector.

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils are at the forefront nationally of partnership working having agreed to share a Chief Executive in April 2008. Since then our Chief Executive Stephen Baker and Council Leaders Ray Herring and Mark Bee have taken every possible opportunity to strengthen and build the partnership with the establishment of a shared senior management team and the merging of a number of teams providing key services across both districts.

The overall savings across both Councils are part of a commitment to deliver services as efficiently as possible, keeping their share of the Council Tax bill as low as possible, while also cutting waste and bureaucracy wherever it can be found.