Shared management team

Shared services partnership

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils are at the forefront nationally of partnership working having agreed to share a Chief Executive in April 2008. Since then further opportunities have been taken to to strengthen and build the partnership with the establishment of a shared senior management team in October 2010 and the merging of teams providing key services across both districts.

Each management team member assumes responsibilities across both authorities.

Shared Management Team

Strategic Management Team

Stephen Baker - Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service
Telephone: 01394 444378

Nick Khan - Strategic Director
Telephone: 01502 523606

Andy Jarvis - Strategic Director
Telephone: 01394 444323

Heads of Service

Ann Carey - Head of ICT
Telephone: 01502 523215

Kerry Blair - Head of Operations
Telephone: 01502 523007

Phil Gore - Head of Environmental Services and Port Health
Telephone: 01394 444286

Chief Finance Officer and Section 151 Officer
Simon Taylor

Head of Customer Services
Position vacant

Siobhan Martin - Head of Internal Audit
Telephone: 01394 444311

Head of Housing Services
Position vacant

Nicole Rickard - Head of Communities
Telephone: 01502 523231

Philip Ridley - Head of Planning and Coastal Management
Telephone 01394 444432

Hilary Slater - Head of Legal and Democratic Services and Monitoring officer
Telephone: 01394 444336

Paul Wood - Head of Economic Development and Regeneration
Telephone: 01394 444632

Management structure, responsibilities and budgets 

Each management team member assumes responsibilities across both authorities:

Senior management pay

The Government requires all local authorities to publish information about senior management salaries over £50,000. Details of the shared management team's pay are given below:

Pay multiple

The table below shows the relationship between the pay of chief officers and of other staff.

Suffolk Coastal £24,174.00 £130,634.00 £27,963.49
Waveney £22,658.00 £90,003.00 £24,965.88
Both Councils £23,398.00  £130,634.00 £26,299.86