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Reducing food waste safely during Covid-19

Following the latest advice and guidelines from the Government to close certain food businesses to help stop the spread of Covid-19, East Suffolk Council wants to encourage those affected to reduce their food waste and consider offering takeaways and/or delivery services in the meantime.

“We understand that many food businesses in East Suffolk are greatly affected by this, and we want those businesses to look at ways they can reduce their food waste during this time, and consider other options that might enable them to get their food to customers,” said Cllr Mary Rudd, East Suffolk’s Cabinet Member for Community Health.

Minimise food waste:

  • Freeze food before it goes out of date
  • Cook, freeze and clearly label food before their use by date
  • Donate leftover food to food banks

New ways of offering food to customers:

  • Reduce the size of menu
  • Offer a takeaway and/or home delivery service enabling customers to order and pay over the phone/online

If you’re starting to offer takeaway / home delivery, ensure that:

  • All food containers are new, wrapped and clean before use and stored in a clean area
  • Deliveries are only offered to local areas where food will be delivered hot/cold enough when reaching the customer
  • The delivery vehicle is kept clean inside at all times
  • Delivery staff wash hand before and after delivery
  • Social distancing is enforced in queues on the premises and as much as possible when delivering food
  • Accurate allergen information about the food is given to customers if asked
  • The procedure for keeping takeaway/home delivery service safe and hygienic (based on the above guidance) is added to your Safe Food Better Business Pack

For premises closing for the foreseeable future:

  • Make sure all food is either consumed, disposed of or cooked and/or frozen as the guidelines above.
  • Make sure the premises are left in a clean condition with all bins and ice machines etc. emptied and cleaned
  • Visit the premises regularly to make sure it is secure and all food storage (fridges, freezers etc.) are operating at the correct settings particularly after power interruptions
  • Ensure premises are pest proofed and the contractor has visited recently (if you have one)
  • Make sure fire/smoke detection equipment is working properly and leave contact details with an appropriate person so that, if necessary, you can be contacted as we get many complaints of alarms ringing through malfunction and no emergency contact details available

Talk to us

If you are unsure about food safety and need advice, please contact our Food and Safety Team on 0333 016 2000 or environment@eastsuffolk.gov.uk.

Business support

The Government has introduced a package of measures to support businesses affected by Covid-19. For more information go to  the East Suffolk Means Business website.

For more information and to see the latest updates, go to the .GOV.UK website.