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Street collections

View the dates and locations of collections already booked by viewing our online street collections diary:

Details of East Suffolk street collections
East Suffolk street collections diary

Do I need a permit?

Any collections carried out for charity in a public place, whether or not it is in a public street, will need a street collection permit from our Licensing Team.

A street collection permit will not be required if you collect inside a shop or a public house, or in the foyer of a cinema or theatre. However, if you collect in a supermarket car park this is deemed a public place.

Details of street collections guidance
Street collections guidance notes

How do I apply?

In order to collect for a charity you must first contact the Licensing Team to provisionally book a space to make sure no other collections have been authorised at the same time and venue that you wish to collect. You should complete the street collection application form and submit it to us no later than 28 days* before the date on which it is proposed to make the collection. We can either post or email the form and guidance notes to you, or else you can download or print them out:

Apply for a street collection permit
Street collection permit application form

There is no fee to apply for a permit.

*Please note that we may reduce the period of one month if we are satisfied there are special reasons for doing so.

What happens after the collection?

Within one month after the date of the collection, the person to whom a permit has been granted must submit a completed returns form to the Licensing Team.

Street collections regulations and returns form
Street collections returns form Street collections regulations

This form will confirm the amount received, the expenses and payment incurred in the collection, a list of the collectors and the list of the amounts collected in each collecting box. This form must be certified by the person to whom the permit was granted and by a qualified accountant. In addition, a copy of a bank paying-in slip or confirmation of how the money has been appropriated must be submitted with the returns form.

Also within one month of the date of the collection, the person to whom the permit was granted must publish in a local newspaper circulating in the area in which the collection took place (and at his or her own expense) a statement showing:

  • The name of the person to whom the permit was granted.
  • The area to which the permit relates.
  • The name of the charity or fund to benefit.
  • The date of the collection.
  • The amount collected.
  • The amount of expenses and payments incurred in connection with the collection.

This person must also forward a copy of the published newspaper statement or evidence of the request to the Licensing Team.