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North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone

The North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) covers Lowestoft High Street and Scores, the Sparrow’s Nest Park and the Whapload Road area.

The aim of the HAZ is to promote the renovation and repair of historic buildings and public spaces to stimulate the economic revival of the area. The project is being carried out in partnership with Historic England, Lowestoft Town Council and East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust and includes the production of design guidance, the purpose of which is to ensure high quality development in the area and the protection and enhancement of the historic environment.

The HAZ focuses on the North Lowestoft Conservation Area with its medieval High Street, Scores, historic smokehouses and net stores, and once fine Victorian Parks. It will also include areas closely bordering the conservation area, including those earmarked for new residential development to the west, and the industrial setting of the PowerPark and the open space of Ness Park.

Heritage Action Zone map

Working with local people and partners, Historic England will help to breathe new life into old places that are rich in heritage and full of promise – unlocking their potential and making them more attractive, while helping to instil a sense of local pride. We will do this with joint-working, grant funding and sharing our skills.

The North Lowestoft HAZ is a five year programme that began in 2018, using heritage assets to regenerate the area. It is a partnership scheme between Historic England, East Suffolk Council, Lowestoft Town Council and the East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust (ESBPT). The partnership work with a range of other local partners including Lowestoft Vision and Lowestoft Rising  and has a range of projects that include capital works to improve the area and projects that involve the community in their local heritage to raise awareness of the value of the heritage to the environment in which they live.

The Heritage Action Zone will:

  • research and engage the community into the historic significance of the area and its assets
  • bring vacant and 'at risk' buildings back into use
  • identify and support delivery of new open market housing into the area
  • work with private sector owners and landlords to jointly fund repair and restoration of historical features back onto the high street
  • encourage footfall by implementing improvements to pedestrian access, including use of the Scores
  • support open spaces and cultural events for the community and visitors to enjoy
  • support retail and other businesses with the HAZ boundary

Historic England’s research reports

North Lowestoft HAZ presentations