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Planning applications

Wait... Before you contact us, you might find what you're looking for on our planning pages.

Duty planner

We operate a duty planner system to provide certain advice to our customers. Due to reduced office cover currently, it is recommended that you email rather than phone our duty planner by email at dutyplanner@eastsuffolk.gov.uk. Officers working remotely will then endeavour to respond to your query as soon as possible.

Please Note - there may be a disruption to service and responses may be delayed but we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

To find out if Planning, Listed Building or Advertisement Consent is required for a proposal and/or is likely to be granted you will need to submit a pre-application enquiry. Generic guidance on the need for consent can also be found online at the Planning Portal.

For information on or to view a current application, the Public Access system provides full details of every application, including plans, consultation and other important dates and responses received. If you cannot find the information that you are seeking on Public Access, then please contact the case officer.

Pre-application planning advice

The council charges a fee for all pre-application planning advice. Any completed requests should be directed to planning@eastsuffolk.gov.uk, to enable it to be registered and allocated to a planning officer. Once allocated you will be provided with an acknowledgement letter, with a direct contact number and email address for your case officer.

Application submissions and confirmation that a legal agreement or condition has been complied with

Such submissions should be made via the Planning Portal or to our Planning Support Team, either by post, or by email at planning@eastsuffolk.gov.uk, who will register the submission. The team can be contacted on 01394 444832. Once you have a valid submission you will receive an acknowledgement letter with a direct contact number and email address for your case officer. If you wish to submit any additional information please use the planning@eastsuffolk.gov.uk email address rather than contacting the individual officer, to ensure that your correspondence is received and attached to your file. You can follow the progress of your application through Public Access, using your unique reference number.

Comments on planning applications

Comments can be made through Public Access or sent by email to planning@eastsuffolk.gov.uk.

Additional specialist planning services

d.c.enforcement@eastsuffolk.gov.uk for matters relating to planning enforcement.

treesandlandscape@astsuffolk.gov.uk for matters relating to trees or landscape.

conservation@eastsuffolk.gov.uk for matters relating to listed buildings and conservation.

ecology@eastsuffolk.gov.uk for ecology matters including the Recreational Avoidance Mitigation Strategy (RAMS).