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Parish council elections

The East Suffolk Council area contains 177 parished areas.

Most of the parished areas have a parish council, and some of these parishes are grouped together to form a Grouped Parish Council. Some of the larger parished areas are split further into parish wards. Some parished areas have a town council with some of these choosing to have a Town Mayor.

The smaller parished areas do not have a council of their own and are instead called Parish Meetings.

When are the next parish/town council elections?

Scheduled elections will be held every four years. The next set of scheduled elections will be held on 4 May 2023 and current councillors will hold their seat until then unless they resign or otherwise vacate their seat within their term. If this happens a by-election may be held if it is called for by electors of the parish, or the council may co-opt to fill the position.

Who are my parish councillors?

To get in touch with your parish or town council you can contact the clerk for your area. The clerk will be able to tell you who your current councillors are and help you to contact them.