Plastic Action

Plastic Action Champions

Champions within businesses and in the community need to be mindful of the complexities of the plastics industry and the challenges it faces weighed alongside the importance of our natural environment.

Careful thought needs to go into all product creation, selection and disposal. This report has been created as a conversation starter for us all.

Plastic Action Champions

Fabulous Plastic Action Champions after a long, hard litter pick in Felixstowe in 2018

Want to join us?

A plastic action champion is a volunteer who:

  • Is not perfect
  • Is not a preacher
  • Is a person who is trying their best to cut plastic waste and wants to help others do the same

In return for the resources, support and training we provide we ask that you attempt to volunteer as a plastic action champion in your local community for at least 20 hours a year and that you attend relevant training/knowledge share opportunities or read the notes from them if you can’t get there.  How you use those 20 hours is up to you.

If this sounds like you please contact