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The East Suffolk Prospectus

Great things are happening in east Suffolk!

The economy is strong and growing, tourism is booming and east Suffolk residents enjoy one of the best qualities of life in the country. What’s more, Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils are merging to create a new ‘super district council’.

The new council is built on a decade of successful partnership working. Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Councils always had a great deal in common and the first steps towards the new combined council were taken as long ago as 2008, when we were among the first in the country to appoint a shared Chief Executive.

Over the last 10 years, this ground-breaking partnership working has created over £22million in savings across the two Councils; we also have an integrated staff structure and shared policies. 

Now we are taking the next logical step, with the creation of the new East Suffolk Council on 1 April 2019.

The new East Suffolk Council will be more efficient, more effective, more resilient, and better able to represent the interests of its communities, businesses and taxpayers.  It will be the largest district council in the country, over 487 sq miles, and will serve 250,000 residents. It will have nearly 50 miles of coastline, deliver over 80 different services, contain 164 town and parish councils and will include the most easterly point in the UK.

We want to keep everyone informed about why we are creating a new council and how it will benefit you. To do this, we’ve created The East Suffolk Prospectus - available now!