Kesgrave evidence base documents

A list of evidence was submitted alongside the Kesgrave Neighbourhood Plan:

ReferenceDocument title
01 ONS 2011 Census report 2011 - Kesgrave parish
02 ONS 2011 Census report 2011 - Kesgrave west ward
03 ONS 2011 Census report 2011 - Kesgrave east ward
04 Kesgrave historical development - Housing and road network (2017 updated 2019)
05 Comparative demographic spread (2016)
06 Suffolk libraries annual report on Kesgrave (2019)
Appendix A in neighbourhood plan Impact of residential garden development on character of old Kesgrave
Appendix E in neighbourhood plan Flood incident maps
07 Ipswich northern routes initial study - Slide presentation (2017)
08 Review of impact of policy in reference to Policy KE1 (2019)
09 Landscape identity analysis report (2019)
10 Landscape identity analysis report appendix figures (2019)
Appendix C in neighbourhood plan Map of ecological networks
11 Local green space – Analysis, designation maps and consultation (2019)
12 Air quality annual status report SCDC and WDC 2018 (altered June 2019)
13 European commission air quality standards (2008)
14 Air quality expert group – Nitrogen dioxide in the UK (2004) summary
15 Levels of ambient air pollution according to mode of transport: A systematic review (2017)
16 Kesgrave conservation group report (2019)
Appendix D in neighbourhood plan Kesgrave's non-designated heritage assets
17 SCDC criteria for identification of non-designated heritage assets
18 Historic England advice note 7 - Local heritage listing
19 Voice of the Army - The Autovon Exchange at Ipswich (2003)
20 Ipswich Star article on Foxhall radio station (2017)
21 Martlesham Heath aviation society - The Pump House story
22 Kesgrave leisure and community facilities – Technical assessment (2018)
23 Kesgrave Kestrels football development plan (2018)
24 AFC Kesgrave business case for football facilities (2018)
25 Suffolk FA letter of support (2018)
Appendix F in neighbourhood plan Recorded public rights of way definitive map for Kesgrave
26 Making space for cycling (2014)
27 Planning for cycling (2014)
Documents appended to the Consultation Statement
Appendix E Kesgrave NP survey analysis report (2018)
Appendix F KNP young people survey (2018)
Appendix G Report on community engagement day (2018)
Appendix J Businesses and community groups engagement programme and analysis