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Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Review

The Suffolk Coastal Local Plan has been Submitted to the Government for Examination. Find out more about the Examination and view the Submission documents. 

The new Suffolk Coastal Local Plan will cover the period 2018-2036. It identifies where growth should be located and how it should be delivered, setting out the planning policies used to determine planning applications. It covers the former Suffolk Coastal District area.

The new Local Plan will replace the existing Suffolk Coastal Local Plan

Timetable for aligned/joint Local Plan Review

The Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Examination homepage provides information on progress with the Local Plan Examination.

(See the Local Development Scheme for more information

The Local Plan review is supported by an evidence base covering housing, employment and retail, the natural and historic environment, viability and commercial leisure.

A Local Plan Working Group was established to help facilitate the Local Plan Review work.

Ongoing, joint working in relation to cross-boundary matters is taking place through the Ipswich Strategic Planning Area Board. The authorities have produced a Statement of Common Ground which documents this co-operation.