Monitoring information

Housing land

Five-year supply of housing
Identifying a five year supply of deliverable land for housing.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment
This assessment is integral to the identification and allocation of land required to meet housing needs, identifying sites with potential for housing and assessing when they're likely to be developed.

Employment land

Employment Land Availability Assessment
This assessment considers the availability of land for economic development.


Employment land
Land availability position on employment sites.

Summary of uses in the town centres.

Information on the number of completed houses, the total which are affordable homes, and the number built on brownfield / greenfield land.

Village services
This factsheet provides information on shops and facilities in villages.

Authority Monitoring Report

The council also prepares an Authority Monitoring Report which contains an update on the council's progress towards producing the Local Development Framework documents and delivery of the policies and proposals. It also includes monitoring information for a range of indicators.