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Ordering and replacement of wheeled bins

How do I order a new or replacement bin?

Please contact our Customer Services Team. Building developers can purchase bins for new housing developments online - Developer bin purchase for new housing developments.

What does it cost?

The cost of replacing a lost or stolen bin, or supplying a new bin, is £33.50. This will cover the cost of the bin together with administration and delivery charges.

If I buy a replacement bin, does it then become my property?

No. The original bin belonged to the council. Should you lose property belonging to the council you need to replace it. Therefore, any bin bought to replace a lost/stolen bin would again remain the property of the council.

What if I get rid of my own refuse and withhold part of my Council Tax?

You may dispose of your household waste yourself at one of the local waste disposal sites. This does not however absolve you from your legal obligation to pay the full amount of Council Tax for your property band.

Can I order a second bin for my waste?

Unless you are in a household with the relevant special requirement you are not allowed to have a second general waste bin. Second general waste bins are usually only issued for either of two reasons:

  • To assist large families, having six or more people normally resident in their household

Additional recycling and general waste bins are sometimes issued to families with 6 or more people permanently residing in the property (this does not apply to students home from college etc). Proof is required, with your request, for the additional bin(s) to be issued.

For over 18s this must be the resident of the property (eg. official documentation, utility bill, council tax bill, bank statements, (if individual names then one document for each adult or if joint names then one document for the jointly named individuals)

Child benefit or child tax credit documents will need to be provided for under 18s, giving full names and dates of birth for each child. We will accept birth certificates or passports for children.

  • To assist persons who generate extra waste due to a recognised medical condition/treatment e.g. kidney dialysis

A letter from from the NHS or Care Agency, confirming the need for an additional general waste bin and the type of waste, is required with your request.

Letters/documents of proof should be sent, along with your request for additional bins.

Additional wheeled refuse bin request form

This special requirement also applies to the recycling bin, but the opportunity exists for the purchase, on a long-term basis, of a second recycling bin for a one off payment of £33.50.

What if my bin has been stolen or damaged

We can arrange for a replacement bin to be delivered or collected. If your wheeled bin has been missing for more than 2 days and is presumed stolen, please ring the Police on 101 and report it as stolen. On receipt of a crime reference number we will arrange a replacement bin at no extra charge.

If your wheeled bin becomes damaged beyond repair, you will have to pay the cost of a replacement bin. If the damage is caused when the bin is being emptied by our crews, we will replace or repair the bin at no cost to you.

Wheeled bin repair request form

There are ways to help to avoid your bin being stolen:

  • Mark the bin clearly with your address or at least the house number.
  • Do not place the bin out too early. (Bins should be placed out for 6am and not the night before or any other time).
  • Bins should be collected as soon as possible after emptying.
  • Check that your neighbour has not inadvertently taken your bin or that it has been misplaced.

Different size bins

All of our wheeled bins are available in two sizes: the standard 240 litre, or smaller 140 litre size. 

New, replacement or different size bins can be arranged by visiting or contacting our Customer Services Team.