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Compliance and Enforcement Policy

We have a duty to enforce a wide range of laws relating to public health and safety, quality of life, preservation of public and residential amenity, maintenance of the environment and protection of public funds.

Our Compliance and Enforcement Policy reflects Government policy towards the regulation of individuals and businesses and endorses the Government’s policy commitments to better regulation, reducing regulatory burdens on business and supporting economic growth.

This policy sets out the Council's commitment to fair, open, transparent, proportionate and intelligence led regulatory services and advocates a staged approach to enforcement using a range of enforcement options available to secure compliance. To ensure a consistent approach the policy covers all regulatory services.

The services falling within the scope of this policy include:

  • Licensing of taxis, premises, boats and beaches
  • Revenue recovery and the investigation of Housing Benefit, Council Tax and Business Rate fraud
  • Pollution control, environmental protection, health and safety, public health, food safety, imported food control and other port health functions, house conditions, animal welfare and unauthorised encampments
  • Building control