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Member Development

How we support councillors

We provide support to council members to ensure that they have access to the relevant training and development opportunities they need, in order to carry out their duties and serve the electors in their ward to the best of their ability.

Member development opportunities are co-ordinated through a Member Development Programme and can be undertaken in a variety of formats, including formal training sessions, member briefings, one-to-one sessions (where appropriate) or attendance at external organisational or community events.

Following district council elections, we also put in place an extensive programme of induction training and events for new and re-elected councillors to guide them through their first few weeks in office.

To help achieve this vision, there are key values that underpin our training strategy:

  • Development will be available to all elected and co-opted members irrespective of political allegiance
  • The development will be based upon the identified and agreed needs of the individual elected or co-opted member and they will contribute fully to that identification
  • Development will be delivered through methods, locations and at times that ensure equality of access for elected or co-opted members' diverse personal circumstances, backgrounds and learning styles
  • The council has a learning culture that views continuous development for elected and co-opted members as vital to its success
  • The council acknowledges that elected and co-opted members may have transferable skills from their workplace and/or life experiences that can be used to help them perform their council role