Solution Grid [C/S]

Solution Grid can be used to evaluate the how realistic and workable different options or solutions area.

Step by Step Approach:

  • Step 1: Start by agreeing together (i.e. as a group) what criteria should be used to assess or evaluate the different options. Depending on the problem/issue being considered these might include things like:
    • Benefits – how does this option benefit the community?
    • Sustainability – how sustainable (long-term) is this option?
    • Equity – will this option have an equal impact on different community members?
    • Inclusivity – can everyone in the community be included in this option?
    • Feasibility – how realistic is it that we can make this option happen
    • Timescales – what are the timescales and are they realistic
    • Cost – how much does this option cost and are the costs realistic?
  • Step 2: Prepare a grid with the columns headed by the evaluation criteria and the rows headed by the different options or solutions
  • Step 3: Agree on the scoring units - these could be symbols or numbers (no more than 5) and the scoring process, which can be individual, by consensus (completed by a facilitator) or by voting
  • Step 4: Individuals or the group as a whole then review each option/solution against each of the criteria and agree a score
  • Step 5: Once this is complete the scores are added to establish a priority order for the options/solutions