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Reporting air pollution

If you have any air pollution concerns or would like to report a problem within East Suffolk, please email the Environmental Protection Team.

Report a smoky lorry or bus

Vehicle exhausts are the major source of nitrogen dioxide and particulate emissions within East Suffolk. You can help reduce air pollution by reporting excessively smoky vehicles.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA (an executive agency of the Department of Transport) has powers to deal with smoky vehicles. They run a service to investigate public complaints about excessively smoky lorries, buses or coaches. 

You can make the report either by completing an online smoky lorry or bus reporting form or calling 0300 123 9000 (select option 7).

You will need the following information in order to make the report:

  • Type of vehicle – Heavy Goods Vehicle (lorry) or Public Service Vehicle (bus or coach)
  • Vehicle Registration Mark
  • Company name (if available)
  • Location where you witnessed the smoky vehicle (road name or number)
  • Date and time of sighting of the smoky vehicle 

Once reported, the operator will be contacted, and if necessary required to provide evidence of an approved smoke test on the vehicle.

Please note that 'Excessively smoky' vehicles are those which emit a continuous stream of thick smoke. Many diesel engines emit a small amount of smoke when starting from cold and accelerating this is normal and should not be reported.