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Play spaces

East Suffolk District Council is the main provider of play facilities in the local area and is responsible for the development, improvement and maintenance of district owned play spaces.

We also work with parish and town councils, housing associations and local community groups, to assist with the delivery of play facilities.

With the help of the community, we are working towards providing well designed, new play areas while improving existing facilities. Our aim is to meet local needs and to complement neighbouring play areas as well as provide a suitable range of equipment for all ages within a reasonable distance.

Play areas are regularly inspected and risk assessments are made to help maintain the assets in a safe condition. Our Parks Team has a dedicated officer whose job it is to regularly inspect the play areas. During the inspection, safety checks are made on the equipment and the site is examined for other hazards, such as broken glass.

The inspector carries the tools necessary for carrying out routine maintenance and simple repairs immediately. Larger works may require specialist contractors and/or materials and are reported back to the office and programmed accordingly. We also carry out quarterly engineering inspections and commission independent annual inspections.

Contact us to report a problem with a play area, such as broken equipment, vandalism, glass, excessive litter or anti-social behaviour