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Councillors' Register of Interests

All Members of a council are required by law to complete a register of interests form to provide details of any interests that might give rise to a conflict of interest, when undertaking their duties as a councillor.

Following the recent district and parish council elections, on 2 May, councillors have 28 days to submit their Register of Interests.

District and parish councillor Register of Interests list

Each councillor must register their interests as soon as they take up office, and they are obliged by law to keep their statutory register up to date and to inform the council’s Monitoring Officer of any changes within 28 days of the change occurring.

The register of interests contains details of:

  • any employment or business carried out by the councillor
  • the name of their employer
  • details of any directorships
  • contracts between themselves/their firm and the council
  • any interests in land/property in the area
  • affiliation to any other public bodies

The register of interests of all councillors are a public record and must be available online for members of the public to view. These rules apply to district councillors and all parish and town councillors (except in parish areas which do not have their own parish council, known as parish meetings).