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Openness of information

We are committed to being as open as possible with the information provided to the community.

People have a right to access information about how we work and go about business. While there is obviously certain confidential information we cannot release, a lot of detailed information is already available, and easily accessible, through this website and other open sources.

We believe being open in providing information is an essential part of the democratic process, as the better informed people are the more active role they can play in local government.

This commitment is also shared by Central Government, which has underpinned the process with the publication of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, which came into effect on 7 November 2014.

The Code sets out key principles for local authorities to create greater transparency through the publication of data and includes mandatory and recommended sets of data.

Expenditure information

Suffolk Coastal District Council Monthly report of transactions that exceed £250
Suffolk Coastal District Council Monthly report of credit card transactions
Waveney District Council monthly report of transactions that exceed £250
Waveney District Council monthly report of credit card transactions

Procurement information

Suffolk Coastal District Council Contracts Register
Suffolk Coastal District Council Procurement Forward Plan
Waveney District Council Contracts Register
Waveney District Council Procurement Forward Plan
Contracts currently open to tender
Supplying the Councils

Waste contract information

Suffolk Coastal District Council's waste contract

Suffolk Coastal District Council has held a 20% share of Suffolk Coastal Norse Limited (previously Suffolk Coastal Services Ltd) since 1 April 2009. They provide a package of services including refuse, cleansing and maintenance.

Waveney District Council's Waste Contract

In 2008/09, Waveney District Council entered into an arrangement with Norse Commercial Services Limited (NCS) for the provision of a package of services including Refuse, Cleansing and Maintenance. A new company, Waveney Norse Ltd, was formed to deliver this service. 


Suffolk Coastal District Council's Constitution Waveney District Council's Constitution

Information to be published annually

Local authority land

View details of Suffolk Coastal District Council's land and building assets (select the 'Local Authority Land' option from the left hand menu).

Planning Application Public Access System

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations 

Suffolk Coastal District Council Capital and Revenue Grants Waveney District Council Small Grants Programme
Suffolk Coastal District Council Enabling Communities Grant Awards .pdf | .xls | .csv

Suffolk Coastal District Council Enabling Communities Exemplar Programme .pdf | .xls | .csv

Information about the Council's counter fraud work

Suffolk Coastal District Council Fraud transparency figures Waveney District Council Fraud transparency figures

Social Housing asset value

Local Authorities are required to publish details of the value of social housing stock that is held in their Housing Revenue Account.  The data must be published by postal sector and classified within pre-determined valuation bands and include valuations for the dwellings using both Exiting Use Value for Social Housing (EUV-SH) and Market Value (MV).  The data is required to be published annually as at 1st April and must be based on the Authority’s most up to date valuations.

Data Protection

The Code requires that valuation data must be listed at postal sector level (e.g. PO1 1**) where the average number of households is 2,500.  This should be large enough to prevent identification of individual dwellings.  However, a large number of postal sectors that fall within the Waveney District Council social housing stock hold less than 2,500.  In this instance The Code allows the postcode level to be set higher, that is at the district level (e.g. PO1 ***).

Local authorities are also required to make further adjustments to the data prior to publishing in order to mitigate the possibility of identifying individual properties.  For any given postal sector (district) where the number of occupied social housing properties in any valuation bands is less than a threshold of ‘10’, authorities should merge that cell with the next lowest valuation band and so on until the result is a band with 10 or more households.

Existing Use Value and Market Value

The tenanted value of dwellings within the Housing Revenue Account is valued at Existing Use Value - Social Housing. This assumes the estimated amount for which a property should exchange on the date of valuation subject to the property being let in pursuant to delivery of a service for existing use i.e. tenanted socially rented dwellings rather than vacant possession.

The Market Value or Existing Use Value indicates the best price at which a sale of an interest in the property would have been completed unconditionally for cash consideration with vacant possession.

The vacant possession value is for comparison purposes only and is not intended to suggest that tenancies should end to realise the market value of properties.

Pay Multiple

  Median Maximum Average
Suffolk Coastal £22,434.00 £130,634.00 £28,471.27
Waveney £21,057.00 £87,401.00 £25,040.80
Both Councils £22,343.00  £130,634.00 £26,519.05

Senior Salaries

Open Data project - releasing data for all

We are continuing to work with the other Suffolk Districts and Borough Councils to release further datasets that would be useful and informative.  

Datasets, which display the same information, are available on the Suffolk Observatory.

Businesses and communities had been encouraged to provide feedback to ensure released information is useful and helpful so that it will be beneficial for the citizens of the District.  Please let use know if there any other information sets that you would like made available by emailing: performance@eastsuffolk.gov.uk.

Suffolk Coastal Registered Datasets Waveney Registered Datasets

Car Parking Account

Suffolk Coastal Parking Account Waveney Parking Account
  • Organisation chart - showing the Council's staff in the top three levels of the organisation
  • Senior salaries - details for all senior employees whose salary exceeds £50,000 and their responsibilities
  • Trade union facility time - the number of staff union representatives and an estimate of spending on unions
  • Parking spaces - details of the number of on and off-street parking spaces provided
  • ICT Strategy - a vision and framework to ensure that ICT development is aligned with business priorities
  • Digital Strategy - using technology and transformational approaches to improve services and save money
  • People Strategy - developing the capability of our people in order to deliver excellent 21st century services

Gender pay gap report

Lowestoft Charter Trustees