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Compliments, comments and complaints


We are sorry if you have been inconvenienced by any of the changes to our service during restrictions for COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We will not respond to comments and complaints about these restrictions. Please see our COVID-19 webpage for information and updates on the council’s response to the virus.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service first time, every time and we welcome feedback, positive or negative.

We recognise individuals and teams who have provided excellent service and we work hard to improve service where it is not as good as it should be.

We realise that sometimes we fall short and where customers are not satisfied then a clear and simple complaints process is in place to put this right.

Before sending us a complaint, please check the following list of common issues:

Send us a compliment, comment or complaint online

You can also send us feedback by email, by phone, in person at one of our Customer Service points or via social media. Contact details

What we do with your feedback


We log your compliments and send them to the manager of the team or officer you have told us about. Compliments help the council to know where we are doing a good job and what works well for our customers. We will use your feedback to keep doing what we do well, and help us do better in all areas.


We log your comments and send them to the Head of Service responsible for the service or issue you have told us about. The Head of Service will consider all comments and make improvements where needed to make our services better and easier to access for all our customers.


Sometimes we make a mistake that can be sorted out quickly and simply. If this is the case you might not need to make a complaint. We will take the details and make sure that we put things right for you.

If we cannot put things right quickly and simply, we will log your complaint in line with our complaints process:

Stage 1 - Investigation

A senior officer from the service area your complaint relates to will investigate your complaint.

They will aim to reply to you in full within 15 working days. Sometimes they might need longer to make sure that your complaint is fully resolved. If it will take longer than 15 working days to reply, we will contact you to let you know.

Stage 2 - Internal review

If you are not satisfied that the council’s reply to your stage 1 complaint resolves your issues, please contact us to ask for a review.

Please ask for a review within one month of our reply (for example, if our reply is sent on 28 March then you should appeal by 28 April). We will not usually investigate appeals received outside this timescale.

  • Be as specific as you can about what remains unresolved from your original complaint and how you would like us to resolve it
  • We cannot effectively review complaints without knowing what you believe is unresolved

The Head of Service or Director for the service area your complaint relates to will review your original complaint and the stage 1 reply. They will send their report to the Chief Executive who will approve and reply to you within 20 working days. If it will take longer than 20 working days to reply, we will contact you to let you know.

If you complain about new issues which were not in your original complaint, we will investigate these as a new Stage 1 complaint.


If you are not satisfied that the council’s reply to your stage 2 internal review resolves your issues, you can contact the Ombudsman:

The Ombudsman will not usually investigate your complaint until you have completed the council's complaints process.

More information

Further information about what we do with your feedback, the sorts of complaints we will or will not investigate, who will investigate your complaint and how, can be found in our policy and process documents:

Data sharing

To investigate properly, we might need to share your complaint, including your contact details, with one of our partner organisations, Norse Group, Sentinel Leisure Trust or Places for People.