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Enabling Communities Budgets

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, each district councillor allocated £1,000 from their 2020/21 Enabling Communities Budget (ECB) budget towards a new Covid-19 hardship fund. A further £45k was subsequently added to the Covid-19 Hardship Funding from councillors ECB budgets – some councillors chose to donate directly to a local group.

This means for the 2020/21 period, a total of £306,000 has been allocated from New Homes Bonus (funding generated through new houses built in the district). This gives each of the 54 elected members of East Suffolk Council either £5,500 or £6,500 Enabling Communities Budget (ECB) to spend on community projects or to develop new projects in their ward to tackle local need.

If you are a community group interested in receiving ECB funding, please contact your district councillor to discuss your project idea. The application form should be completed and signed by your group. Once complete, the application should then be sent to your councillor for them to approve.

Your councillor will then submit your application to our Funding Team.


East Suffolk Council is keen to promote how its funding is used as it stimulates other projects in the district and encourages future applications. Please acknowledge East Suffolk Council funding support in all relevant project publicity and use the council’s logo to promote our support.