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What do Coastal Management do?

The Coastal Management Team has an overall objective to appropriately manage the risk to life, property and the environment from coastal erosion and related flooding. This includes:

  • To exercise powers to benefit the local community as a Coast Protection Operating Authority under the Coast Protection Act 1949 and Flood and Water Management Act 2010
  • To provide a strategic approach to flood and erosion risk management, in partnership with other authorities and in the best interests of the local community
  • To fully investigate, appraise and implement coast protection schemes where it's technically, financially and environmentally sustainable to do so

In order to deliver these objectives, the Coastal Management team undertake a broad range of coastal management activities including:

  • Managing flood and erosion risk and planning for the future in a sustainable fashion
  • Monitoring changes to the coastline and using this information to inform future management
  • Understanding how the variety of coastal processes work along and adjacent to our coastline
  • Providing advice on existing and new developments in coastal areas
  • Working with others to influence and deliver coastal policies
  • Working with community based groups to achieve local objectives
  • Repair and maintain the existing coastal defences in Suffolk, in line with Shoreline Management Plan policy
  • Improving the level of protection to coastal communities
  • Delivering the policies within the Shoreline Management Plans

Who is involved?

The Suffolk Coast Forum is a group of organisations who take a partnership approach to flood and coastal erosion risk management and closely related issues on the coast and estuaries. The Forum produce a quarterly Suffolk Flood and Coast News newsletter as well as providing all the latest related news and updates.

There are many other organisations with an interest in coastal management. The roles and responsibilities of the main authorities involved in flood and coastal management at national, regional and a local level are outlined in this brief guide.