Dog fouling

Clearing up after pets

Responsible dog owners understand the importance of clearing up after their pets, and so they take their dog for a walk armed with a poop scoop or bag. They will dispose of the waste when they return home or use one of the Council's dog waste bins or litter bins found across the district.

There is an inconsiderate minority who fail to clean up after their dogs. The lack of a nearby bin to dispose of dog waste is not a reasonable excuse for failing to clean up dog faeces. If there is no convenient bin, you must TAKE IT HOME for proper disposal.

Dog waste in public areas is dealt with through the normal process of street cleansing and is usually removed during scheduled street cleaning. However, the Council understands that residents are concerned about dog fouling, which is why reported incidents of dog mess will be removed from roads, parks, play areas or the beach within 24 hours of receipt.

Reporting offenders

If you see a dog owner who allows his or her dog to foul our streets then you can report it to our Environmental Protection Team.

Dog fouling and the law

Where there is a persistent problem, officers will try to identify irresponsible dog owners. The Public Space Protection Order makes it illegal to fail to clear up after your dog if it fouls any land that is open to the air and to which the public have access. Inconsiderate dog owners could face a fixed penalty fine of £80 or a fine of up to £1000 if there is a conviction in the courts.