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Design and conservation

A new Historic Environment Supplementary Planning Document is being prepared. What information should be included and how should it be presented? Find out more and give your views.

We are fortunate in having a wealth of buildings and areas of historic or architectural significance in our district.

Our Design and Conservation Team are responsible for the care and protection of these heritage assets.

Our role is to:

  • deal with enquiries on design and conservation matters
  • give pre-application advice to owners or agents concerning proposals for changes affecting officially designated historic buildings and areas
  • give design and conservation advice to the council's planning officers on development proposals affecting officially designated historic buildings and areas
  • give design advice on major development sites, whether or not in officially designated historic areas
  • carry out conservation area appraisals and prepare and, where appropriate, implement management proposals
  • assist the planning policy team in the preparation of conservation policies
  • identify candidates for spot listing or non-designated heritage asset status
  • monitor the condition of historic buildings in the district and, where appropriate, add buildings to the Buildings at Risk Register
  • deal with unauthorised works to listed buildings