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Empty properties

Empty properties can not only bring down the amenity of a neighbourhood, but are also a waste of resources as they could provide much needed accommodation without the need for new housing.

Empty homes often become a target for vandalism, arson, squatters, fly-tipping and other criminal behaviour.

We review our empty properties on an annual basis and encourage owners to bring them back into use wherever possible.

Having an empty home that is in a deteriorating condition adjoining your home could result in damage to your property. For example, empty homes are not heated and are therefore cold properties - this could result in dampness along the party wall.

Options available to the Councils include Compulsory Purchase, Forced Sale, Private Sector Leasing schemes and occasionally will be able to provide financial support where funds are made available.

Report an Empty Property

If you think a property may have been empty for six months or more, or there is a problem with an empty property, please contact us to let us know.